De Lijn

I have designed this desk for a call for projects made by the headmaster of my former school. The specifications imposed a desk that showed both the artistic side and the know-how heritage of the school. Indeed, it is located in the Jura (France), which is a region that has an important history in woodworking.

I designed an angle desk and added a lot of storage for an easy cleaning of the work space. There is a sliding piece under the desk top that can be unfolded to welcome 3 to 4 people for a small meeting. The curved shelf on the right has a lamp underneath to light the desk. I wanted the desk to be really practical to use, so I have left a lot of space for the legs and a lot of space for the working area. The surface is 70 cm large on the left side and 60 cm large on the right side.

I decided to use oak wood because of its brightness and the fact that it is a local wood. All the edges are lacquered in white, thus giving this desk its name, “De Lijn” (“The Line” in Dutch).

De Lijn – Project file